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Placement based on understanding the applicant’s experiences, wishes and abilities
For about 10 years, I had my own business, so when, for various reasons, I could not find new clients, I decided to look for employment elsewhere; however, I was worried if I would be able to get the kind of job that I wanted. I thought that my long experience was going to actually impede upon myself finding a job.

That is when I went to consult TWI, which has been known to genuinely search for jobs. The consultant looked around for me and within a month of registering, I was able to find a job at the law firm I currently work for.

Actually, the entrance exam that was imposed by this firm consisted of a 3 hour long written exam. I was tested on typing, spelling, and specialized legal terms. However, the TWI consultant informed me that I would be taking these tests so I was prepared.

In the past, I have used other employment agencies and from those experiences, I can declare that TWI’s services are truly professional. At other companies, there were no follow-ups after registering, and when I asked them where I stand, that is when I received a “We are searching right now” answer for the first time.

From that point, TWI’s consultant dealt with me in a caring manner, and I realize that they are able to place applicants appropriately by fully acknowledging the applicant’s experiences, wishes, and abilities.

If someone I know is looking for a job, I will of course recommend TWI. In fact, the reason why I agreed to this interview was because I wanted to thank TWI in some way for finding a good job for me, and I thought by doing this, I can be of some sort of assistance to them.

J.M (Female)
Law Firm
Legal Secretary/Business Development


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