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A truly professional recruiter

It has only been 2-3 weeks since being hired by a company, which was introduced by TWI. It is very busy at work and I have much to learn every day, but the Japanese boss says, “If something is troubling you or you have something that is causing stress, please tell me right away”, and that is very reassuring.

Because of my father’s job, I have lived in Japan when I was in junior high school. Furthermore, even after entering college in America, I studied abroad in a Japanese university and learned the Japanese language as well as Japanese culture by being in that environment.

Actually, it was in Japan that I got to know TWI. It was in 1998, I was living in Japan, and was looking for a job in America. I learned that TWI is an agency that handles bilingual jobs, and in Los Angeles, I met with Ms. Teruko Weinberg, the representative of the company. I still remember my impression of her being wonderful. In the end, I found a job in San Francisco and worked there for a while. And in 2005, when I thought about changing jobs, I contacted TWI. I did an interview with a TWI recruiter on the phone. I am bilingual in English and Japanese but as long as the company working environment was good, I did not care if it was a Japanese company or not. It was not necessary for the company to be Japanese. However, when the recruiter asked, “Would you be apt to relocating?”, I answered, “Yes”, and when asked, “Would the East Coast be okay?”, I answered, “Yes”. So, the whole process went smoothly and I started working for the Los Angeles office of a Japanese company that has its headquarters in the East Coast.

In reality, this company had business dealings with my previous company so I have actually come to this company’s East Coast office a number of times. What a coincidence.

In many (Japanese) companies, the reality is that promotion of local hired staff is very complicated. The tendency is to have assignees from Japan manage most of the company’s businesses. However, at my current company, every staff member is given the opportunity. I think this is a wonderful thing and this is what I constantly hoped for.

The staff at TWI is extremely professional. What I experienced to be lacking with other agencies, TWI has. If I had a friend that was looking for a job, without a doubt and without any reservation, I would recommend TWI. Of course, it is important that with a job search, there is a position that matches your needs. In that sense, for my situation, timing was impeccable and the chemistry with the recruiter can be said to have been the best.

M.T. (Male)
Senior Sales & Marketing Coordinator


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