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What I achieved as a result of changing jobs is a stable income and flexible work environment

A truly professional recruiter

I registered because there was an interesting position published on TWI’s job listing advertisement. At the time, I was working for a movie production but I did not have a stable income. Because I had given birth to a child, it was necessary for me to quickly find a job where I could obtain a fixed income. At the time of the interview, the requirements I submitted were to get “a job that uses English and Japanese that is not in sales”. I am not confident doing sales but if it is some other job which I qualify for, I was ready to take on the challenge. The position that I saw on the job listing that I was interested in was already filled. However, luckily, I promptly got an interview and was hired by my current employer that has attractive conditions such as a good work environment and benefits. That was back in ’99. At the time I joined the company, first and foremost, I remember being very happy about getting a fixed income every month and receiving company sponsored benefits that benefit my family. However, in the beginning, the description of the job was data entry and it was very monotonous. Well, that was exactly what TWI had explained to me. However, being blessed with a good boss and my proposals being accepted one after another, my job scope expanded. After a while on the job, I was called in by the vice president and received explanations on a new business. At the time, I freely spoke my mind and later, I was formally transferred to that department. I felt I received a big chance and from then on, I managed to turn my ideas into reality. I was very lucky. TWI’s consultant sometimes contacted me and asked, “How things are going”. The relationship does not end when I am placed and I do not receive invitations like the ones I commonly hear that after being placed for about 2 months, the employment agency will easily tempt you by asking, “Would you like to change jobs?” I think TWI’s services are exceptionally professional. Also, this will be my personal opinion, but as a person, I really like the company’s representative, Teruko Weinberg. When I see her with so much vitality, a man like me is encouraged to “do more and more”.

K.S. (Male)
Trading Company
Online Shopping Department


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