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Much consideration given to matching of company and personnel

I married and moved to Los Angeles in June 1999. I immediately began looking for a job but at the time, I did not know about TWI so I called a different employment agency. "If you tell us your contact information, we will call you later", they said, but they never called back. I was counting on that employment company but a week passed by without any word.  

That is when an acquaintance suggested to look in a magazine which had an ad for TWI and I contacted them. What was different from the previous employment agency is that I was immediately told to "come to the office because we would like to see you now". So I actually met with a consultant right away and discussed my history and aspirations. The consultant said, "Your requirements are quire different but let's work on this together." Rather than simply being told, "You will soon find a job", I appreciated this type of realistic advice. I felt I was in good hands. In 3 days, I had an interview with an insurance company.

TWI had given me detailed business and job information prior to the interview and that greatly helped. Furthermore, I started working there but since I was hoping for full benefits, I began to wish to become a full time employee.   6 months later, I sounded out such an opportunity with the company but because I was told there was no full time position available, with the permission of the company, once again, I began my job hunt with TWI. Simultaneously, I looked at want ads and sent resumes myself. There, I saw a want ad for a government-affiliated institution and applied.   However, TWI's job search had gone so smoothly that only after being hired as a full time associate by my current employer, I was contacted by the government-affiliated institution. But of course, I chose my current job that had been decided on earlier. It has been 5 years since I started working for this company.

When I casually look around, I notice people that come from TWI working so lively. People that come from other agencies tend to leave relatively quickly but people that were introduced by TWI have firmly set their roots within the company and work. I think this is because TWI really cares about matching the company with the people. I can suggest TWI with confidence.

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