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I began my job search in '98 because the company I used to work for was on a trend of reducing jobs that I thought I should be ahead of the game and registered with a couple of employment agencies. At TWI, I explained my requirements through an interview with a consultant and I remember being asked many questions and receiving much advice. I got an interview very quickly and even if the position did not specifically meet my requirements, I interviewed a couple of companies thinking it would be a good social lesson.

Then, a month after registering, my current employer, a trading company, hired me. Before joining the company, the work environment and background explanation that TWI's staff gave me had been very useful. When I joined, the job description was the same as what I heard from TWI, but later, my job duties increased and labor conditions slightly changed. In regards to those changes, I thought it was necessary to adjust as much as possible. The company's business fluctuates daily, so depending on the situation, such changes are unavoidable and there is need to put in more effort.  

In reality, since graduating from school, I have asked employment agencies to look for jobs. I have never searched for jobs myself. That is because I firmly believe that requesting a professional to do so gives me the peace of mind and the certainty that the process would go smoother. Nonetheless, this is not simply a conviction but also confirmation coming from my experiences that this is true. And from my experience of registering with a number of different companies, I believe that TWI's services are highly trustworthy.

In the future, I am sure there will be opportunities for myself asking employment agencies to fill in job openings, but without a doubt, I will request TWI. When I was a job seeker, the service I received was exceptional, so standing on the hiring side, I believe I can be confident of them as well.

N.N. (Male)
Trading Company
Food Department Manager


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