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It was TWI every time I stepped up my career

I happened to register at TWI because of a friend's referral. I am bilingual in English and Japanese and 10 years ago, I wanted to move up in my career and work in a better position in sales and marketing. I appreciate TWI passionately searching for a company for me and I managed to move to a large Japanese company. The job was what I had wanted, in sales and marketing.

Furthermore, after working for another company, 5 years ago, I started working in sales and marketing for another large Japanese company.   Every career move was attributable to TWI.

Currently, I support managers in different departments and when there was need for a data entry clerk, I asked TWI for help. Until then, staffing was always requested to an American employment agency. I was very surprised at the difference in treatment. Other companies just send someone even if that person does not meet the requirements we submit. When I tell them that, "This is not what I asked for" they simply send another person. This is repeated over and over. However, with TWI, they listen to our requirements and a person that meets the conditions comes.

Furthermore, when I call TWI, the operator always answers within 4 rings.   What's more, when I ask for a call back, I get calls right away.   This may be the way it should be but because I was used to careless service, it was a pleasant surprise.  

The company representative, Ms. Teruko Weinberg, is symbolic of TWI's corporate culture.   She never is ambiguous, her explanations are easy to understand and to the point, and always keeps her word.   In one word, she is sincere.

Until now, my relationship with TWI has been for my own career boost but from now on, as someone that is on the hiring side, there may be more opportunities to ask for their help.   TWI is always there for me when it comes to job or personnel issues and that is very reassuring.

Large Japanese Company
Sales and Marketing


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