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I went to work for a company of my dreams

I had aimed to move to a large manufacturer. After graduating from college, I started working for a small trading company. Working there for 7 years, I became assistant manager for import/export but I wanted to work for a company that had several hundred, if not several thousand employees and wanted a company that provided full benefits. When I registered on the human resources homepage of the company I had in mind, that company referred me to TWI. TWI was going be in the middle and would arrange something.

Without a do, I interviewed with TWI's consultant. I clearly stated the 3 companies I was most interested in, including the company with which I registered on their home page. Furthermore, if there was a job that I can do that entails using Japanese and English, I let them know my desire of challenging any position. That is because what I strongly wanted was to get into one of these 3 companies. The consultant had given me clear advice. I was also encouraged by that person's professional stance as well.

Going through a number of processes, at the time, I was told that there were no openings for full time employees so I became a temporary staff to the company I was interested in most. I will start working from next week but I was so happy to hear that they already prepared everything from my desk, PC, and nameplate. Perhaps this is something small but in my old company, nothing started without myself preparing for it so I admire such an organized work environment.

However, I cannot simply be in admiration. My ultimate goal is to become that company's full time employee. In order to deliver good news to the TWI consultant that has given me this opportunity, I will try my best from next week.

Large Manufacturer


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