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Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.
West Coast Region

Kunihiro Yamauchi
Vice President and General Manager

Toyota Tsusho America in Torrance

Mr. Yamauchi,
Vice President of Toyota Tsusho America


Q. Please tell us about Toyota Tsusho’s operation.

As part of the Toyota group, we source and supply automotive parts and raw materials to Toyota manufacturing facilities as well as providing construction and manufacturing related services. Automotive parts make up for more than half of our company’s revenue. Also as a trading firm, we handle food items and chemical goods. Most recently, we began promoting and selling solar light and solar energy facility.
We came to the United States in 1960 resulting in us celebrating our 50th anniversary last year.


Q. What are the job descriptions of local hires and what skills or qualifications do you look for.

We occasionally hire management level personnel, but most often we hire account executive level personnel. We frequently hire administrative assistants who support the back office as well.
The kind of human resources we hire differs case by case. We do, however, always look for someone who has the ability to understand Japanese corporate culture even if they do not speak Japanese, and have flexibility to understand “Wa” (A sense of Japanese-ness which brings unity and balance to the environment). We especially value positive attitude toward teamwork for our motto used in our head quarters in Japan is “team power.” We culture our new hires with these values through OJT, and for new assistant managers and any levels above, we have them go through corporate training to learn about the importance of these values.

Q. What are your thoughts about TWI as a recruiting agency for your company?

I have been in charge of hiring for a long time now and I know very well that it is very difficult to find an appropriate employee for certain job opening. Though I have an impression that candidates introduced by TWI Torrance office have so far been well qualified.
First of all, TWI is very quick in response. Our TWI consultant accommodates our requests promptly and very efficiently. I believe it is partly due to the various corporate networks that Teruko has accumulated over her long and committed involvement with JBA.
Secondly, by the time TWI introduces us to prospective employees, they are already narrowed down to our ideal candidate. Even if those personnel were not to be a good fit, TWI introduces us to a new candidate in a prompt manner. I imagine that this is because TWI has access to a wide range of favorable applicants.


Q. Please tell us about the benefits of working for your company?

I n our case, we provide opportunities for department changes. In our head quarters in Japan, we believe that having our personnel experience various occupations allows them to gain better understanding and knowledge of different activities conducted within our company as well as strengthening personal relations. We brought this concept to our offices in America, so rather than pursuing one position, employees have the opportunity to change departments.
Because we have job postings within our company, employees may apply for another position and change departments. For this, it is possible for an employee to have started as an administrative assistant but be a prospective candidate for the sales department.
Not only can a personnel change departments within the company, but relocations can be an option as well, as long as positions are open in one of our 30 locations in America. Only recently, we had an employee relocate from Kentucky to San Diego.
Our company finds it extremely important to take into consideration each employees desired career paths.

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