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Kirin Brewery of America LLC

21241 S. Western Ave, Suite110, Torrance, CA 90501

Good location where Japanese companies and Japanese restaurants converge

The location for Kirin Brewery of America is in an area called Torrance, which in recent years, has been a place where many Japanese companies have been relocating from the downtown area. The actual administrative district in which the company is located is in the city of Los Angeles but because the postal office belongs to Torrance, in general, the area is called Torrance.
As mentioned earlier, Torrance is known to have many Japanese companies with its U.S. subsidiary headquarters. There is Toyota Motor Sales USA, American Honda Motor Company, and in adjacent Gardena, Nissan North America, Inc. with its U.S. headquarters.
The number of Japanese restaurants in this area will surprise your eyes. Sushi and tempura are standard, and the variety of food such as soba, udon, typical Japanese set meals, and ramen make you think you are in Japan. The plentiful variety of Japanese cuisine is proof that Japanese businessmen and their families are converged in Torrance.
And what Japanese food cannot be short of is Japanese beer. The Kirin Beer that Kirin Brewery of America makes is in essence, a Japanese beer. As the U.S. affiliated company of Kirin Brewery Company Limited that was established in 1907, the company is involved in the local production and the sale of beer. We visited the company headquarters.

External view of glass building
External view of glass building. The company relocated from Santa Monica in November of 2004. President Tsukahara says, “We decided on this building taking into consideration employee security”.
Kirin Beer’s red logo is placed in the entrance.
A Japanese cat figurine
A Japanese cat figurine that brings prosperity to business. In Japan, this is a superstitious object that invites good luck for business.
Bright conference room
Bright conference room. Twice a year, field staff from all across America gather in this conference room.
Kirin Beer
In a corner of the office is Kirin Beer’s brightly colored barrel.

Although there are 15 sales staff across the United States, there are only 7 people that work out of this office. Even the president himself is frequently out of the office. With a spacious 3500 square feet with a 5 private office, reception area and conference room layout, desks that are not in private offices are also partitioned. As Mr. Tsukahara says, “Each person acknowledges his own responsibilities and achieves his own targets”, that kind of feeling can be felt in this professional work environment.


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