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Visiting A Company

What is it like inside a company? The work environment? The people that work there? On your behalf, TWI went on a company-observing trip.

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Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. West Coast Region

As part of the Toyota group, we source and supply automotive parts and raw materials to Toyota manufacturing facilities as well as providing construction and manufacturing related services...

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.


Noritz America Corporation

In Japan, Noritz is a long established brand that has more than half a century of history with hot water containers. Its U.S. corporate headquarters is in Lake Forest, south of Irvine. After exiting the 5 Freeway and going inland, you will see an entire neighborhood that is ...

Visiting Noritz America Corporation


Kirin Brewery of America LLC

The location for Kirin Brewery of America is in an area called Torrance, which in recent years, has been a place where many Japanese companies have been relocating from the downtown area. ...

Kirin America Corporation

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Hi, I'm Teruko Weinberg, President of Teruko Weinberg, Inc.
Teruko Weinberg

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