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Manual For A Successful Job Change /
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In this corner, we would like to explain the process for a successful job search in order of occurrence while introducing TWI's services.

As well explaining tyhe porcess for a successful job search we also have a Job Dictionary , explaining different terms and important information on visa in Visa Information.


If you use an employment agency, you can understand the inside of a company

When searching for jobs or changing jobs, there may be people who directly visit the companies based on want ads. On the other hand, there are people that search for jobs through employment agencies that they have registered with. What is the difference?

First, the more professional the employment agency is the more information it would certainly have on its client companies. At TWI, we thoroughly know the details on the kinds of personnel those companies seek, the requirements presented, salary, visa sponsorship, company benefits, and furthermore, the company environment. Company information that you would like to know before going to an interview can be obtained from the person in charge of taking care of you.

In addition, if you are searching for a job on your own, a wasted schedule is inevitable. You call but receive no call back, you fax your resume but there is no answer, you do not even know at what stage you are in... However, at TWI, the person in charge will stand between you and the company and manage the scheduling, furnish your resume for sure, and establish a date for an interview. The job seeker does not need to worry unnecessarily and can put all efforts into the job search.

In other words, by using TWI, you can obtain plenty of information and can proceed with your job hunt more effectively.



A consultant is a job seeker's partner

For the first step in job searching, which is registering with the employment agency, what kind of preparations would you make to see the person in charge?

First, please do not forget your resume. It does not matter if it is a handmade resume. To find the most suitable job, the TWI consultant needs to know your experience with much detail as possible. For that, please summarize on paper, your education, job history, skills, and desired positions beforehand.

Please tell the consultant the desired timing to change jobs and the kind of circumstance you are in with much detail as possible. Please rest assured that of course, the consultant will treat this information as confidential. What you hide may become big trouble once it is revealed after having the interview. You may have to start from zero again. The TWI consultant is your partner in leading you to a successful job search. Everything starts from a mutually trusting relationship.



Your stance, attitude and the way you dress have already been seen

When you register with TWI, unless it is outside of the state, there is always an interview with the consultant. As explained in the previous paragraph, please tell your consultant your situation. Then, at that time, what type of clothing would you wear for the interview with the consultant?

A suit is not always necessary. However, from this stage, the consultant will see whether or not you can "wear appropriate clothes or use appropriate language without being told". Appropriate dress code, correct posture, and language that is suitable for a business scene will be most desirable. Could someone that does not have the appropriate attitude before the actual corporate interview successfully ride through it? The interview with the consultant is the first step of your job search. We understand you may be apprehensive but please avoid bringing your friends or family for the interview. At the actual interview, the only person that can go is you.



The relationship of latent ability, flexibility and getting an interview

Once the interview with the employment agency is over, the next step will be to wait for the person in charge to contact you with whether or not the position you desire exists. It is true that for some people, there are positions that meet their requirements and right away they go for an interview and then there are those people where it takes time for them to get an interview. It is also important to hold your wishes high. However, if your ideal is too high, an arranged meeting with a company will not become real.

As much as possible, the consultant will seek out the job that you desire but if that is difficult, attention will be paid to your latent ability and flexibility, and a position that in the future may allow for your strengths to be demonstrated may be sounded out. Even if you do not see the position the consultant has found to be 100%, if you feel some kind of possibility, it might be a good idea to go to the interview. You can decline after the interview.

Furthermore, if you actually see the workplace, environment and the people that work there, perhaps a new solution may be born. The final answer resides within you.



Internship during school years is also considered as job experience

Depending on if you are a recent college graduate or if you are changing jobs, your requirements for the company you seek will change. However, other than entry level, the company will also seek for personnel that has the necessary major, knowledge, skill, and most of all, experience for the position they would like to fill.

From their time in school, the majority of American college students respectably balance school with financial independence.   Perhaps there are fewer people that get their first job after graduating.   All earn their own living and once they graduate, they take on the burden of repaying their student loan.   That is why the kind of internship you did when you were a student or the kind of full time or part time job you had is respectably counted towards your work experience. Perhaps you can find a job further along the line in the field you have experienced.  

On the other hand, the barrier is high for those people who have no work experience during their school years.   At the entry level, there is a relatively high demand for jobs in sales, accounting and assistant positions.   Meanwhile, it may prove valuable to broaden your horizons and initially challenge yourself with a temporary position.   To actually show how you work may open up full time opportunities and you cannot say that this will not happen.

Furthermore, please do not forget that for people that have worked outside the United States, when countries change, circumstances change as well.   Simply saying, "In Japan, I received this much salary", converting the amount into dollars and wanting that amount does not change the fact that you do not have experience in this country.   Whatever the fact, for people with no experience, it is important to show an enthusiastic stance when some type of opportunity is presented.   Please keep in mind that depending on how you work after being hired may change future opportunities.  



Job listing is something that is alive

The job listing at an employment agency changes daily. Not only are new positions added one after another, it is not uncommon for a position that was just posted yesterday to be gone today. It is too early to give up right away if the first list you saw did not have a desirable position. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, there may be something added that is close to what you are looking for. The job listing is alive. From this live list, every day, the consultant is checking to see if there are any jobs that closely match what you desire.



Communication ability supplements conversational ability

TWI has an abundance of proven track records when it comes to introducing bilingual personnel. If your native language is not English, an American consultant will conduct an interview in English. By doing this, your English ability will be judged. In this instance, what we would like to caution you is that even if your English ability is not 100?, please be confident when speaking. This way, it proves that you have the attitude of enthusiastically communicating with the other person.

On the other hand, even if your native tongue is English, what was said above can be said to bilingual people that speak another language as well. Needless to say, it is good to have the ability to carry out a perfect conversation but many times, the consultant is trying to see if that person also has the capability to deal in a different language environment.

For example, if working for a Japanese company, even if the person's Japanese is at a conversational level, by putting in an effort to understanding the thinking of Japanese peers, and even if it is not much, by trying to understand the Japanese culture, that would be considered ideal. The definition of bilingual is to speak more than 2 languages but these days, the need for bicultural personnel is increasing.



Even if you do not feel confident, show that you have the will to work on it

Finally, it is the day for the company interview. You head towards the place you were told to go to. Just in case, please plan on arriving earlier than your appointment time. Arriving late is strictly forbidden.

It will be very serious if, by being late, you throw away the chance for an interview, which is something you had worked hard to get (although there are people who get the opportunity to interview the day after registering). Their impression of you becomes negative even before the interview.   Just as with time, please be careful on how you dress as well. Before the interview with a company, you should have already gone through a rehearsal with the consultant. Perhaps you will be nervous but please confront this with confidence. Please actively ask questions that relate to the job. The company's person in charge of interviewing will be more than happy to explain specifically what kind of job you will be doing.

Furthermore, rather than quickly answering, "I cannot do it" or "I have never done it" when asked, "Can you do this kind of thing", it is better to answer, "I do not have the experience but I am interested in it" or "I would like the challenge". Please do not forget that the company's person in charge is confirming your experience and at the same time, ensuring your enthusiasm of doing the job as well.



Please ask your consultant questions on conditions

What are some taboos during interviews? The first is to negotiate on conditions before being hired. Although the prerequisite is not to sponsor a visa, asking to "please sponsor a H1-B visa after the practical training period expires" should be avoided. On the same token, directly asking the company, "I heard from the employment agency that this is the salary amount but may I get more" is against the rules. This action ignores the contract between the hiring company and the employment agency.

Furthermore, detailed questions like "if the company will pay mileage for commuting and car maintenance fees" may make a bad impression on the other person. Moreover, if you are going through an employment agency, the consultant will take responsibility of confirming conditions so why not use that benefit? If after an interview you feel worried about the salary or visa, please request the consultant to confirm with the company. The consultant will contact the company right away.



If there is a happy future to that workplace

After the interview is over, please always report back to the consultant. Please let them know your honest thoughts about the results of the interview, how you felt about the company, and if you would like to work there or not. How the company sensed about you should be conveyed to the consultant relatively quickly as well. Taking into consideration results from both sides, you may proceed to the second interview or at times, the third interview. If the company gives you an offer, you should receive a formal offer letter. If you sign that letter, you are hired. At this point, what we would like to further emphasize is that you do not hide your situation from a consultant. From a job seeker's reasoning, using multiple employment agencies is understandable.

However, hiding that fact, going to another company's interview and waiting for that response means you are double-dealing. Because of this, there may be the possibility that you will lose both opportunities. After seeking advice from the consultant, most of all, you should take your time and think about whether or not to accept an offer. Time spent in the office takes up the majority of your lifetime. The point is to see if you can test your possibilities at the workplace and if you can picture a happy future image there.



Starting with a new feeling

Once you accept the offer, what would you need to prepare until the actual date of hire? For people that changed jobs, the minimum rule is not to drag your previous company's affairs into the new company. If the people around you see that you are haphazardly comparing and thinking, "the previous company was better", then it will make it harder for you to build a healthy relationship with the people around you.

Please consider starting the new company fully prepared without taking time off right away. In addition, please make an effort to begin demonstrating your abilities as soon as possible. When you achieve some kind of result, it generates profit for the company, and most of all, it allows yourself to grow. We look forward to you succeeding. Sometimes, please let the consultant know how you are doing.





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