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General Job Descriptions

I often hear the type of job but what does that job entail? Furthermore, in order to land that position, what are the necessary requirements? We would like to introduce the types of jobs that are increasingly becoming popular.



In a company, accounting can mainly be divided into two levels; bookkeeping that consists of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable and the other where there is someone that can oversee the company's accounting in general. Compared to a person in charge of bookkeeping that can be an entry level position, the person in charge of accounting is required to have at least 5 years of experience, and some companies even have CPA as a requirement for hire. When you hear about an accounting job, you might conjure up an image of working for an accounting firm but in general, working in accounting in a regular company is more typical and many times, you can gain practical business experience.
Annual Income: 30K-100K per year


Starting with automotive related companies, this type of job is constantly in high demand in the manufacturing industry. Requirements are to have an educational background in mechanical engineering or a similar educational background. Hiring is possible at the entry level but the more specialized knowledge and skills you have, the more preferential treatment is given. Job locations tend to be in places outside of California like the Mid West region where big scale factories exist.
Annual Income: 35K-60K

Outside Sales

This is a position that develops new clients that affect the company's sales and takes care of services to customers. An important key is footwork and communication abilities. Depending on the company, there may be many opportunities to go on faraway business trips. There are some companies that seek entry level personnel with no experience but many times, preference is given to experienced people in certain industries. Furthermore, because results can be displayed in numbers, depending on the performance, promotions can be expected. Aside from the basic salary system, a commission system tied in with sales or a basic salary plus incentive system may be incorporated.
Annual Income: 30K-80K


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