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Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to answer actual questions from job seekers.

Nobody will train me

I do not get along with my boss

Since being hired, the job has been the same thing over and over

New hire has higher salary than me

Question: Nobody will train me

I have been hired recently but my boss nor the staff around me will train me.   It is not clear as to what I should do and I am lost.

Answer: Please have your boss explain what your job is

Has your boss already explained what your job is? First, please request a detailed explanation on what your job entails at your workplace. If your boss's explanation is ambiguous, please ask the employment agency's consultant for advice. Agencies such as ours will responsibly confirm your job by being in between you and the company. 

Please do not give up from the beginning without asking the boss or employment agency thinking, "I cannot fully utilize my abilities. Nobody teaches me anything". There is a possibility that the boss may be too busy and may not notice that you are stopped at the first stage.



Question: I do not get along with my boss

The boss that hired me has gone back to headquarters and I cannot get along with my new boss. He always makes backward comments and does not evaluate me fairly. What should I do?

Answer: Efforts for discussion needed as well

If there is a possibility for you to move to another department, it may be one idea to submit such a request to the general manager. If there is no possibility for a transfer, as long as the other person does not change and the boss is the same person, even if you cannot get along with that person, we recommend you make an effort to establish communications.

Depending on the person, there may be instances where if you make yourself clear, that person will understand you. Perhaps because you are avoiding that person, you hear your boss say things in a backward manner or feel that you are not being evaluated justifiably.

Furthermore, even if the boss changes, there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly. What is important is that you are working on something you like and are producing results. If you are not yielding any results, you cannot expect a fair evaluation. First, you should concentrate on what you should be doing. Because you do not get along with the boss, it is too preliminary to easily think of changing jobs. Quitting the company and searching for your next job accompanies the risk of throwing away your current stability. Please start by taking your time and working out a strategy on how you can stay in your current company.



Question: Since being hired, the job has been the same thing over and over

It has been 3 years since being hired but the job is the same thing. Even if I continue, I cannot expect new developments. Should I change jobs?

Answer: Does the workplace have the opportunity for promotion?

Have you discussed with your boss if there is a position higher than where you currently are? Does the company perform reviews periodically? First and foremost, the most important thing is when looking back these 3 years, you can confidently say that you have put all your efforts into your work. If you produce results and have sufficient communications with the company, situations like your question do not happen that often. In other words, if your boss realizes that you have the ability and will to take on a position that is higher than your current job and if this workplace provides opportunities for advancement, then there should be no obstacles. However, to realize such a promotion, it is necessary to have the following 3 requirements.

The first requirement is that through performance, you have proven that you have the ability to advance to a higher position. The second requirement is not only ability but you have made it clear to your boss that you would like to move up. Furthermore, the third is the most basic requirement, but if the higher position is prepared by the company.

First, please think if your situation meets these requirements.



Question: New hire has higher salary than me

It has been 3 years since being hired by my current employer. During this time, there were almost no raises. However, a new hire that just finished the training period last month has a higher salary than myself. Furthermore, once that person became an associate, I learned that the salary further went up by a couple hundred dollars. Why does the company do such an unfair thing? It really demotivates me.

Answer: If job descriptions differ, salary differs as well

Is the job description for the new hire and yours the same? If the job is the same and background is the same and there is such a big difference, there may be a possibility of discrimination. However, in many cases, from the beginning, if there is a big difference in the job that is being given, that comes up as a difference in salaries. The number of years worked in a company does not reflect your salary. In America, there is no seniority system.


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