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Outsourcing Services

The TWI Group offers outsourcing services in corporate hiring and personnel related responsibilities by acting on behalf of your company. With specialized and efficient services, we enable the person in charge to reduce his time and inconvenience. Furthermore, we do not offer a standardized system for all of our clients; rather, we offer high quality outsourcing customized to each corporation.

Outsourcing Services


Hiring Consulting

Special techniques and experience are necessary to decide which candidate, among the many job seekers, is the most suitable that the corporation is looking for. At our company, we offer screening and interview services on your behalf even for resumes that your company had gathered or for candidates that you have selected from another employment agency.

Our company consultants who are human resource professionals comprehend your company's needs and perform a thorough screening. By utilizing this service, the burden that is put on the person in charge all the way until the final interview will be reduced, and a more effective, specialized, and objective selection process can be accomplished.

Hiring Consulting

Human Resources Consulting

From job descriptions that clearly indicate employee's duties, this service is very useful for corporations that need to organize and establish a personnel system. A professional with 25 years of industry experience will, based on U.S. labor laws, customize manuals and formatting on appraisals, personnel management, personnel promotion, and office regulations according to your company situation. We also offer counseling that answers personnel related issues. Our company specialist will deliver reliable services that come from many years of experience and cultivated knowledge.

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