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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to questions actually sent in from our corporate sponsors.

Question: How can you secure applicants?

One of the factors we look for to decide which employment agency to use is whether or not an employment agency can assertively secure applicants. How does TWI recruit personnel?

Answer: TWI recruits and receives applicants on a constant basis.

TWI looks for job seekers through various traditional mediums. Additionally, by making use of our extensive network of contacts, an executive search is possible as well. For new graduates, we set up booths at job fairs across the nation to make contacts with numerous candidates. Recently, we have been contacted by many applicants who were introduced to us. We see a rise in cases where people who have changed jobs or have found a job through us introduce us as a company that provides reliable services to those in need of employment. Furthermore, we frequently see the same people who have used our services before contact us again. TWI really appreciates the fact that our applicants not only utilize our services once, but also considers us as a lifelong partner.


Question: What is a reasonable salary for new hires?

How much compensation should be allowed for new employees? I do not know the average industry-specific standards. Do you give consultations on issues like this?

Answer: If you have any salary-related questions, we can research those questions for you.

TWI has access to a multitude of information, such as track records, economic conditions per industry, and the latest data on job classification. If you can provide us with the job classification and clearly state the conditions and requirements, we can research the information for a reasonable fee. Please feel free to call us.


Question: Can you accommodate searches for companies outside California?

We are based in Texas and we would like to recruit personnel for positions in different states. Can your company provide such requested services?

Answer: Our service area includes the entire United States as well as Japan.

TWI provides services covering the entire United States and Japan. For customers based outside the State of California, discussions will be conducted over the phone. It is also not uncommon for out-of-state customers out of state to visit us at our Los Angeles office.


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